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Maewon Food Co.

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Maewon Food was established in 1994 as a drink-manufacturing company that mainly produced and distributed Janpanese apricot drinks as well as Solomon’s seal tea and chicory tea. In 1997, we succeeded to develop our own fruit and vegetable drinks like tomato, carrot, grapes, orange, jujube, apple, Japanese apricot, etc, made a progressive growth even throughout Korean market break-down (IMF) in the same year. In 2002, we built the 2nd factory (PET LINE) in a city of Namwon to expand our production line (100ml, 200ml, 340ml, 1.5l) to upgrade the product quality as well as the 2nd factory (Bottle-line(180ml)) in 2003. Since then, we have been producing bottle-drinks and PET drink, such as green tae, soy milk, coffee for those famous Korean Drink companies through the OEM system, and also been well-recognized with a great reputation for our excellent product quality and engineering skills as a leading drink-manufacturing company in the prime. Since our establishment, Maewon Food have been continuously concentrating on the quality development programs and earned international certificates like HACCP ISO9001, ISO2000. We are currently in a progress of reaching out internationally to USA, Japan, China, and those countries in South East region through international marketing activities as well as the R&D operation program with our own product-development teams to create more drinks that our customers can enjoy.

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