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Celltechs Co., Ltd.

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Celltechs Co. Ltd., the leading venture corporation specialized in bionics in Korea, has developed the new material based on bionics to promote the health and the happiness of all mankind.The public attention has been directed as to cholesterol lately. That's why we have come to realize the development of new material declining cholesterol without any damage for the first time in the nation in effort to solve this problem. We named it YQ2 and applied for a world patent. The new material, YQ2, was approved as the natural material declining cholesterol for the first time in the world after the clinical test. It also has no side effect compared to the existing cholesterol depressant being made by chemosynthesis. In line with the development of YQ2, we developed "Anchol" which is a carbonated drink to lower cholesterol level by the application of YQ2. We will proceed the development of various applied products with creative, new and highly focused elements of YQ2 and foster these typical functions. The diseases caused by the excessive cholesterol, such as hypertension, diabetes, constipation and obesity, are the world's latest concern. We, Celltechs Co. Ltd., have made an effort to realize the healthy society without any disease through combination of the further refined anti-lipids element of YQ2 and other anti-lipids natural element. In addition, we promote to develop the treatment material for the increasing chronic disease, senile disease and anti-aging. Plus, we are under the development of anti-chronic fatigue material approved by food and drug administration in Europe by the native technical staffs. We hope the world would be filled with the happy smile of mankind. Celltechs Co. Ltd., will do our best to develop the world-renowned material through the development and scientific evidence of new material by experts specialized in each field. We will devote all our energies to be the health-oriented venture cooperation specialize.

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