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Daehan Deep Water Co., Ltd.

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There is a word in our society, '9988'. It means that enjoy our life in good health condition until the age of 99.Because of the improvement of medical science and low-childbirth, the period of aging is being fueled, so now, health becomes more important as a life indicator than longevity.The simplest and the method for health which is known to every person is the method with water. 'Drink good, safe and fresh water, at least more than 2 liters' people say that it is too simple, so it is hard to keep. We think it might be affected a certain degree by marketing of the new water product which is progressed like a passing pad.There is a tendency of the missing about truth that has a serous content because this content is diluted and vaporized like a passing fad. There is the water that has been inherited as long as human history, so it is carved on our genes. The water which has matured for a hundred million years in the ground in the depth of 1050 meter The water which has a small molecule cluster, has a excellent removal ability to active oxygen, and has many various ionized minerals. The water which has natural minerals that is similar to body fluids of human beings The water which is free to pollution from outsideWe recommend a new standard of the drinking water for health. Thank you.

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