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We work in the area of South America including Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.
We usually manage sales from many important tanneries in our area, with huge experience in leather tanning operations, and also develope samples as per customer requesting, control productions and also inspect if customer requires this service.
Our experience of more than 20 years in the leather market, permit us to help you to get what you need with less effort and always connected with serious Providers and, be sure, at international market price.
We can provide you with:
- cow hides wet salted and/or air dried for any purpose.
- cow hides in sides for shoe production. (finished or in the crust)
- cow hides in whole pieces for upholstery production. (finished or crust)
- cow hides hair on and sheepskins wool on for rugs and decoration.
- cow leather for security shoes. (finished)
- splits in wet blue, mainly in drops.
- leather for garments production. (finished)
- veg tan leather for belts, saddlery, sole, etc. (shoulders, double butts or sides)
- sheep skins for medical use. ( free of chrome)
- sheepskins for lining with wool on.
- sheepskins double face finished for garments production. (shearlings) .( No minimum order required )
- leather scraps from upholstery, automotive, veg tan scraps and shearlings.
- rugs made in patchwork of sheepskins, cow hides, goat skins all with hair on.

Our options are from Uruguay, Argentina and/or Brazil.

From Uruguay and Argentina, we can offer only Euroopean breeds ( no humps, no grubs).
From Brazil, we can offer other breeds. In Brazil we work associated with an important Firm and we have a staff of inspectors and technicians in leather that can help you by inspecting all merchandise before shipment.

You can consult us. We always answer your questions immediataely.

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