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Dear Sirs, NALISUR S.A. is the biggest exporting company of raw skins of Uruguay. The origin of our skins are the different slaughterhouses of Uruguay. We possess stock of sheepskins, lambskins wet salted and dry salted, in all its qualities and long of wool. Subsequently we give it a report detailed of the qualities and the prices of the goods that possess. 1]WET SALTED AND DRY SALTES SHEEPSKINSAVERAGE SIZE 8 SQFT WOOL LENGHT 0 TO 5 MILIMETRESSELECTION -NAPAQUALITY 100% FIRSTPRICE USD 1.65 PER PIECEPAYMENT -LETTER OF CREDITSTOCK -50.000 PIECESSHIPMENT -INMEDIATE 2]WET SALTED AND DRY SALTED LAMBSKINS AVERAGE SIZE 6 SQFT WOOL LENGHT 0 TO 5 MILIMETRESSELECTION -NAPAQUALITY 100 % FIRSTPRICE USD 1.1O PER PIECEPAYMENT -LETTER OF CREDITSTOCK-36.000SHIPMENT -INMEDIATE 3]WET SALTED AND DRY SALTED SHEEPSKINS AVERAGE SIZE 8 SQFTWOOL LENGHT 15 TO 20 MILIMETRESSELECTION .DOUBLE FACE QUALITY 100% FIRSTPRICE 2.20 PER PIECEPAYMENT- LETTER OF CREDITSTOCK-22.000SHIPMENT -INMEDIATE 4]WET SALTED AND DRY SALTED LAMBSKINSAVERAGE SIZE 6 SQFT WOOL LENGHT 15 TO 20 MILIMETRESSELECTION - DOUBLE FACE QUALITY-100% FIRSTPRICE- 1.70 PER PIECEPAYMENT -LETTER OF CREDITSTOCK-16.000SHIPMENT-INMEDIATE WET BLUE SHEEPSKINS NAPA SELECTIONTR1 - high Classification: I 25%-II 20% III 25% IV 30%PRICE TR1 PER SF -USD 0.50 CIF - BIG RUN AVERAGE SIZE 6.75 SFPRICE TR1 PER SF - USD 0.35 CIF - SMALL RUN AVERAGE SIZE 4.50 SFImmediate available stock: 2 container TR - low Classification: Distribution V 20%, VI 30%, VII 50%PRICE TR PER SF -USD 0.40 CIF- AVERAGE SIZE 5.75 SF ALONE VII: US $0.30 CIF(for lining)Immediate available stock: 1 container of 20.000 to 22.000 skins

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