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ZhaoChuang Sheet Metal Company

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Nanhai District Foshan Zhao Chong metal products limited company strict implementation of ISO2000 quality management system, ensure to provide the best quality products and quality service to the customer.Sincerely hope that with the vast number of customers friends work together, common progress, common development! The sheet metal is in sheet metal (usually in the 6mm below) a cold working process, including cutting, punching / cut / composite, folding,welding, riveting, assembly, forming (such as auto body). Its notable features is the same thickness of the same parts. The advantage of equipment: 1, high accuracy: precision cutting sheet metal laser is suitable for cutting precision parts and all kinds of drawing process. 2, small deformation, smooth surface, no edge collapse, the work piececan be directly used for assembly. 3, suitable for new product development, drawing forming can have the product, from the mold manufacturing costs; greatly reduce theprocessing time of samples, for the company to win more valuable time. 4, different shapes of workpiece can be typeset type combination cuttingmaterials, to ensure maximum utilization, reduce the waste of materials. Random of the workpiece identification marking and point mark 5, the cutting process. 6, the non-contact processing, avoids scratching scraping platephenomenon, improve product quality. 7, Germany TRUMPF 5000W laser cutting of 25mm metal The processing capacity of the company: The sheet metal material shear, cutting, bending, folding, composite,welding, polishing etc.. We will provide the high quality service, sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to the company negotiate business, extensive cooperation, Almon map.

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