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Youngdong Shaft continued to grow along with the history of the Korean machinery industry during the past 20 years.Thanks to our focus on the R&D of the shaft which is one of the key parts of the Korean machineries, we were able to build Koreaâs largest production facility and best quality.However, all the employees are not settling on our laurels. Instead, we are racing ahead in order to realize customer satisfaction with better product and price.Amidst the market situation that is becoming increasingly fierce, we are satisfied, ensuring that your company enjoy foremost competitive edge by leveraging on our products.In particular, our company handles shaft grinding, heat-treating, and plating process, non-stop, which rooted out the delay in delivery, which was a chronic problem in the industry to this day.Through this, we give back to the clients by offering competitive prices. This is a case that is unprecedented even in the advanced nations in the world, and this is becoming the turning point that is enabling us to grow into a company with global competitiveness.Going forth, our company will counter-measure the ever changing market environment by leveraging our differentiated services and aggressive marketing, and we will safeguard our No. 1 position in the Korean shaft industry, as well as grow into a company that is increasingly appreciated in the world.We promise to focus on optimizing customer satisfaction by meeting your expectation.Thank you.

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