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Yixing Tongte Environmental Protection Equipment

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Yixing Tongte environmental protection equipment co., LTD. (formerly yixing FRP chemical equipment factory) is the production of water treatment equipment, industrial waste water treatment equipment, boiler softened water equipment, pure water equipment, glass fiber reinforced plastic products, packing and other series of complete sets of water treatment equipment and exhaust gas purification equipment professional manufacturers. At present, the products up to more than 100 series, is China's earlier one engaged in the research of water treatment and environmental protection product manufacturing unit

The company all kinds of complete production equipment, testing equipment, strong production capacity. For a long time, we with the numerous colleges and universities and scientific research units established close collaborative relationship, pay attention to the development of new products, among them, developed by our company HR - E automatic filter, hydrated lime machine series, through new product appraisal committee of science and technology, jiangsu province, and won the excellent new product award in wuxi city, and lime hydrate, packing machine, JBF energy-saving duct by chemical such as determined for chemical chemical engineering preferred products. In 94, in order to meet the development needs, our company set up "the appropriate environmental protection research institute" for the majority of users provide consultation service for water treatment, further improve product quality, develop new products, make our products in a leading position in the industry. Since the company was established with China metallurgical JiaoNai engineering technology co., LTD., Shanghai municipal design institute, Beijing guodian north China power engineering co., LTD., east China electric power design institute, northwest electric power design institute, tsinghua university, tongji university, Chinese academy of sciences calculation and so on more than 50 scientific research units, for a long time to establish close horizontal cooperation, make our products constantly updated, the state-level key new products won, ministry, provincial third prize of scientific and technological achievements, calendar year was named the city of advanced collective, progress of science and technology enterprises, and through ISO9001 international quality system certification.

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