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Yeutay Accuracy Technology Co., Ltd.

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Yeutay Accuracy Technology Co., Ltd., is a sole responsibility in produces and develops the LED application illumination ***** order to in accordance to global illumination market different demand, of will sell the center to set up in Taiwan, achieved the service customer, the reduction delivery date, will reduce goal of the cost and for the customer creation higher profit. For in accordance to the global energy conservation plan, as well as achieved illumination brightness present tradition photosource, this company devotes unceasingly to the high luminance LED application illumination product research and development and the ***** addition, this company also expected that, may because of the LED multiple color characteristic, provide the consumer to pick the varied illumination choice, then enriches and lightens consumer's daily ***** also is this company's basic goal. In order to enable the product to conform to now the photoelectricity science and technology highest requirement, and perseveres the pledge which consummates to the quality, request this company all correlation operating personnel familiar quality, and may guarantee the product is excellent in quality, the even strength reaches the consummation in each production program, in the assembly process, uses the computer operating system comprehensive automation production and measures the meter, guarantees the product to be able to conform to the highest examination standard.

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