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Yata Investments

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â¢Yata Investments is an agricultural company specialising in the growing and processing food stuffs.We are involved in the growing of various crops ranging from maize, soya beans, pegion peas, beans, tomatoes, vegetables, G9 bananas, groundnuts e.tc. we also raise different types of livestock like hybrid goats, local goats, hybrid chickens, local chickens, heifer cattle, Brahman cattle, pigs e.tc.â¢We also specialize in seed multiplication, currently we are working hand in hand with Monsanto Malawi Ltd.â¢Yata farms has been in operation since 2004, we are registerd with Malawi Government as Yata Investmentsâ¢In the next two to three years, Yata Farms intend to be exporting beef, vegetables, crop produce overseas so as to generate forex for the country. We also plan to buy machinery of processing livestock feed, among other value addition processes.â¢What makes us unique at Yata is that-We use organic manure in most of our production-We rely much on irrigation-We have machinery like tractors, harrows, ploughs, ridgers which simplifies our farming operations-We are connected to nation grid power (Escom power) this simplifies our operations-Our team is dedicated-We are connected to a good road network; we are 15km away from Kasungu boma with tarmac road.-The Genaral Manager has good capital outlay to enable purchase the farm inputs on time

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