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For SALE All Types of SSD solution and powder needed for cleaning defaced bank notes. All Types of machines needed for cleaning defaced bank notes(black Money). We sell Mercury, powder, gas for Money cleaning machines. We clean all types of defaced bank notes no matter how Long it has stayed with you. We can solve all Problems that have to do with defaced bank notes(black Money). We sell Super automatic Express Thunder Flash solution and powder grade 1AAA. We render other Money Services which we cant outline here for some Special reasons, for , more Information contact us now. Why should you contact us now? You should contact us now because we have answers to all Money questions, our products are geniune and effective, our Prices are very moderate compared to other current market Prices, our staff are specialised, we are efficient , very fast and in all we are 100% reliable. Best Regards Dr ALi koccempls contact we will return immediately

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