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Weifang Sanhuali Machinery Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

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1、 Products of the main meets the national standard GB/T12225 bronze and brass,304 GB of internal parts with stainless steel, sealed pad imported from abroad .
2、 After 200,000 continuous destructive experiments, this product is eligible qualified. This product is equipped with Japanese technical suction valve, which strengthen drainage function, shorten drainage time and reduce the damage to pipes by air lock in pipes.
Product Structure is compact and easy to install and operate. To achieve all kinds of functions like water make-up, heating water offering and remained water drainage, the switch in operating room is enough.
220V magnetic coil and low power consumption. Switching operation, this means that the instant use. Users do not need to install heating cable, exempting from pipeline fire caused by poor heating cable and enhance the drawbacks of using electricity. No winding insulation layer, saving a large number of thermal insulation materials and maintenance of maintenance costs.
The subject and the high material imported parts and components make high-temperature corrosion-resistant products. Product of the main life is up to 20 years.
The antifreeze solenoid valve outlet pipe is inserted within the solar water tank, so the open valve that is out of hot water, saving water resources, has changed in the past when you first put cold water on the use of solar hot water and solar power for half a year and then a busy six months, which achieves 365 days at any time the use of solar hot water convenience.

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