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Wazatel is a service provider for Voice over Internet Protocol VOIP
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Wazatel is a service offering voice calls over the internet Voice over Internet Protocol, VOIP. This is a relatively new technology which has made the leap towards becoming an essential business and household device, possibly leading to the abandonment of domestic landlines altogether for telephone only services.
Voice over IP allows users to perform basic communications functions such as voice calls, voice messaging and facsimile over the Internet instead of the traditional telephone network.
Because VOIP utilizes your existing broadband connection and does not use the traditional telephone network there is no need to have a second telephone line installed. When you sign up for a Wazatel VOIP service you will receive a brand new VOIP number, this number follows the same format as conventional telephone numbers.
With a Wazaphone you can call any number you want. You can even use a Wazaphone to call other people who use the traditional Telephone network and mobiles, not just other people who use Wazatel VOIP. Call charges vary depending on the country you are calling with Wazatel this can range between nothing zero and can go up to Euro0.14cnts per minute based on French daytime call rates. Wazatel provides free calls to other Wazatel customers using a Wazaphone and has no subscription fee and no on-going monthly charge. Payment for your service works in a PayAsYouGo system where users purchase top up credit online using a debit or credit card. You are also able to purchase pre-paid calling cards enabling calls to be made till the credit runs out. Wazatel also provides a service allowing the customer to utilise online account management where it is possible to view your bill online, which summarises and breaks down all of your call and credit balance information.
Wazatel Wazaphones are also available allowing instant calls to be made with a start credit of 45 free minutes based on French daytime call rates to any PSTN phone. More information on additional services such as call forwarding, call conference and many many more can be found at our web.

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