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In this day and age and the economic crisis in South Africa, each and every company is trying to reduce costs in maintenance, repairs and most of all FUEL.As more and more people are been retrenched, dismissed etc, there is an added risk of theft. Theft of stock, theft of fuel, which if one takes all of the problems that a business could and has encountered so far, this amounts to hundreds of thousands of Rands. While each company has strict security measures & procedures in place, these losses keep on climbing.This is happening on a daily basis; all companies in South Africa are taking strain to keep above of the demands of their clients, as well as trying to curb the losses.WaterLeaf Trading cc has taken this into account and has developed and patented a container type locking system that WILL stop the stock from being removed from delivery vehicles. Let it be between branches or direct to the clients premises. These container locks are VESA & ABS approved and come with a serial number and a VESA certificate, which when presented to your insurance company, this will reduce the �Goods in Transit� premium.These locks are made of Stainless Steel Grade 304 � in short, they can�t be picked, drilled, cut or tampered with (As per VESA testing).The next problem at hand is the vehicle that carries the stock. Are they been abused (over revved, ridding clutch etc)? WaterLeaf trading has an Engine Management System (EMU) that does not only report the abusive driver, but also has an action related to the abuse, ***** If for some reason the engine started to overheat due to a water pump malfunction, the EMU will automatically shut down the vehicle, and report this directly to the control room � via your current satellite tracking system.The same applies for the gearbox, clutch, turbo, drum temp etc. Up to and including the vehicle getting hijacked, the controller can shut the vehicle automatically.

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