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VIAKO Co.,Ltd ( http://www.viako.com http://http://viakominipc.blogspot.com/ ) - a global player indulged in the spirit of creation for the future-oriented PC environment and the spirit of challenges for customer satisfaction.

Global competition becomes intense in the 21st digital age that only the existence of the world's first company is recognized and the management paradigm is changing from the foundation. While taking this rapidly changing world as an opportunity of success and change, VIAKO takes a leap as the company that leads the mini PC market, by realizing management that competes and win in the world market.

VIAKO is growing as a mini PC specialized company by increasing competitiveness at the front and rear of the market - from distribution of mini-ITX based VIA and Zotac mainboard to mini bare bone PC that makes the most of distribution capability, while taking the lead in technology and market development in the mini PC area.

VIAKO gives a continuous challenge to expand the mini PC market, based on the determined R&D investment, and exerts its best effort to play a leading role in the 21st century new trend PC market that has both efficiency and a feeling of analogue. In addition, VIAKO also endeavors in customized marketing and customer proposal R&D activities by putting top priority in customer value creation. Customer value creation is the mission statement of VIAKO, and the duty that VIAKO will not neglect.

Thank you very much.

Hwang Jin-sam
C.E.O & President
VIAKO Co.,Ltd.

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