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Uniwise Electronic Co., Ltd

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Wide range of rechargeable Lithium, Ni-Mh/ Ni-Cad battery, battery pack;The following industrial Sealed Lead Acid battery:CJ4V-4.5Ah, CJ4V-9.5Ah, CJ6V-1.2Ah, CJ6V-2.5Ah, CJ6V-3Ah, CJ6V-3.5Ah, CJ6V-4Ah, CJ6-4Ah (s), CJ6V-4.5Ah, CJ6V-4.5Ah(s), CJ6V-7Ah, CJ6V-8Ah, CJ6V-10Ah, CJ6V-12Ah, BS6V-200Ah, CJ12V-1.2Ah, CJ12V-2.2Ah, CJ12V-3Ah, CJ12V-3.2Ah, CJ12V-4Ah, CJ12V-4Ah(S), CJ12V-4.5Ah, CJ12V-4.5Ah(S), CJ12V-7Ah, CJ12V-7.2Ah, CJ12V-8.5Ah, CJ12V-10Ah, CJ12V-12Ah, CJ12V-17Ah, CJ12V-18Ah, CJ12V-24Ah, CJ12V-24Ah(H), CJ12V-25Ah, CJ12V-33Ah, CJ12V-38Ah, CJ12V-40Ah, CJ12V-65Ah, BS2V-200Ah, BS2V-300Ah, BS2V-400Ah, BS2V-500Ah, BS2V-600Ah, BS2V-800Ah, BS2V-1000Ah, BS2V-1500Ah, BS2V-2000Ah, BS2V-3000AhHigh quality above UL and CE;Competetive pricing.

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