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Trust USA

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Please allow me to introduce our company. Our company, Trust U. S. A, is a global trading company which specializes in raw cotton and cotton fibre We work closely with major
Cotton manufacturers from Eastern Europe, specifically Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. We would like to offer their cotton to you for consideration. The quality is excellent and we can offer very competitive prices. We welcome you to inspect the grade and quality of the cotton. If you are interested we would like to send you a small sample for examination. The cotton can be inspected by your choice of inspector or certifier.
The specs of the cotton are as follows:
Cotton fiber
Packaging: It is made under the standard of Uzbekistan; these are bales of 210-220 kg.
Type of cotton: Grade 5, class the maximum(supreme) and the first.
Length 32/33
Micromere 4.3
Raw cotton:
Actual mass ratio of humidity-10-12

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