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1.1 Business Description
Toga Limited is a limited liability company that is registered in the Republic of Kenya. We specialize in packaging and exporting of pure Kenyan tea to different global, regional and local markets. Our tea is fully branded and marketed under the Toga Tea brand.
We maximize on value addition as opposed to the usual tea export trade which involves sale of inferior grades of tea used to blend other tea varieties globally. All out tea is freshly handpicked and processed on site under the most hygienic conditions to preserve its freshness and give you the unmistakable aroma and taste of the world famous Kenyan tea.
Being of the finest quality, our tea matches our global clients tastes and preferences. The tea is various packages ranging from tea bags in boxes to loose tea in sachets as well as straight line bulk exports of unblended loose tea which is factory sealed to guarantee the source.
We target local and international wholesale and retail chains, tea packers, households and institutions. Shipping and logistics is handled and our dedicated staffs ensure that no delays occur that could interfere with the quality of our clients tea.
1.2 Business Location
Our correspondence office is located in Nairobi, Kenya at the CBD in College House 4th Floor along Koinange Street. This office serves as the headquarters and contact centre. The reason for selecting this location is due to;
Easy accessibility by road
Enhanced security since it is a few miles from The Central police station
Ready and secure parking
Availability of social infrastructure and amenities such as electricity connection, internet, water and sanitation
Our packaging and distribution center is located at the port city of Mombasa, Kenya in 1st Floor Kanai Plaza, along Moi Avenue. All the Kenyan tea is sold at the Mombasa Auction and this location ensures that we are close to the source of the tea. We also chose this location because it is close to the sea which simplifies shipping logistics and there are numerous warehouses where the purchased tea will be stored as it is being prepared for export. Good infrastructure also means that it is easy to supply tea from Mombasa to any part of the country to meet the local demand.
1.3 Our Vision
To set global standards in the tea trade with our fine black tea and strive to meet the demands of billions of tea drinkers worldwide.
1.4 Our Mission
To continually exceed our customer, producer and supplier expectations with Premium Quality Kenyan Tea
1.5 Core Values
a.Service and Accountability: We ensure that we take charge of our actions and evaluate the outcome.
b.Quality: We strive towards delivering pure Kenyan tea with a guarantee of quality taste, color and aroma.
c.Personalized Attention: We work towards ensuring that our client has received our tea at the shortest time possible and deliver in compliance with their specific demand requirements.
d.Feedback for Continuous Improvement: We provide room for our customers to forward their views based on the experiences they have had with our products and how to add more beneficial value.
e.Environmental Responsibility: Kenyan tea is produced in line with environmental safety and most teas are processed by members of the Rainforest Alliance as well as Fair Trade GMP.
1.6 Industry
Toga Tea is in the agri-business and agro-processing industry focusing in the tea export sector.
We are licensed and registered by the Tea Board of Kenya.

2.2 Pricing
Our prices are always lower than those of our competitors which is why we have been able to tap the mass global market
The pricing is in US Dollars (USD) for exports and Kenya Shillings (KES) for the local market, adjusting in alignment to changes in exchange rates. The prices are also adjusted in accordance to changing weekly tea auction prices at the Mombasa Tea Auction but this will be communicated in advance.
Special price discounts are offered to repeat customers

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