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TOA E & I is Global Company
We are diversifying into 5 directions based on very good quality system
using the latest technology and materials
1. Information Technology.
* is one of our fastest growing areas
* we have in-house programming capabilities to meet customers' needs
* we are also distributing a wide range of Software Products
* plus that we have a good range of hardware
2. Manufacturing.
* we source for high-value products in cooperation with the Electronic Industry
* we are always looking for joint-venture partnerships in manufacturing
* we specialises in producing high quality products.
3. Electronics Supporting Industry.
* we practice JIT (Just-In-Time)
* we have the management skills to deliver goods worldwide by using local warehousing next to your factories
4. International Procurement Office (IPO)
* we are fully involved with Global Sourcing
* fully support the production needs of factories located elsewhere
* provide Electronics Manufacturing Services
5. International Trading.
* we have a Wide Area Network in place
* to initiate, plan, produce, deliver and support continuously
* we have the people who speak and understand the local languages and mode of business
* we provide Total Service and Full Commitment
Strengths of the Company
1. Total Solutions.
Toa is very different from other competitors. We are able to provide total solutions to customers in the various forms.
DIRECT-this is direct buying and selling.
SEMI-we participate in their designing and engineering aspects.
COMPLETE-where we perform OEM processes.
By working closely with our customers, we provide value-added services thus building our relationship into a lasting one.
2. Wide Range of Products.
We can offer a widest range of products covering electronics, electricals, plastic, software and Internet-related.
a) from Japan, which is our main traditional source.
b) from Local and Regional sources.
c) from Global manufacturers.
3. Established Network.
a)The Group in Japan caters to Japan, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taiwan region.
Toa Singapore takes care of the other remaining regions with offices in ASEAN, European Union and USA.
c)Our Networks involved not only in easier access to range and pricings of many products but also the formation of an Electronics Commerce (EC) .
4. Strong and Experienced Management.
The Management team is being led by a very experienced Japanese Managing-Director and supported by a proven pool of professionals.
5. Recognition and Awards.
a)We were the first foreign company outside the Matsushita fraternity to win the coveted QIG Certificate. This Award recognises TOA as a reputable and reliable supplier and IPO Manager to all Matsushita factories worldwide.
b)We also received Letters Of Appreciation and Plaques of Recognition of Excellent Support Service.

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