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The ACT Group

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We supply Syngas Generators sets which are powered by Biomass such as Wood,Corn Stover Straw, Rice Hulls, Grasses and Cereal crop waste. www.alternativecleantechnologiesgroup.com.auThese Renewable Energy Power Plants are fully modular and can be assembled in groups of 350kwe to 2Mwe capacities to provide any production load you require. Our equipment also runs on Coal. All our products utilise the fluid bed Gasification principle, we have 50 plants operating worldwide some for over 20 years.We use no Stack and scrub clean the Green Gas using a recycling water scrubber system, so therefore there is no water wastage and no emissions exiting our plant. Our Generators are Reciprocating Engines offering ease of maintenance and operation. Our equipment is easy to start and easy to stop and requires no expensive technicians to operate it. We offer full performance, mechanical and electrical warranties. This Equipment is ideal for self generation at Mines, Farms, Factories back up to Wind Farms and Utility Owned Power Plants where Natural Gas is not available. The ACT Group have over 25 years experience in Power Generation, so let us design a Renewable Power Generation System for you.

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