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Hebei Electric Power Tools Thailand and China main products: electrical safety tools, electrical safety equipment, electric power construction Tools, electrical equipment, power tools, electrical machinery, mechanical properties testing machine (Universal pull pressure test Testing machine), electrical safety tool cabinets, work safety equipment, maintenance tools, power tools, electrical fittings , Non-standard fittings, crimping pliers, manual clamp pressure, tight line, and at high pressure clamping, double-back style all-round protection Seat belts, ropes Wai Kon-controlled double-double insurance seat belts, ropes Wai Kon single insurance seat belts, single-back rack Works-style seat belts, copper water-based terminals, terminal blocks, high-pressure electroscope, outdoor cross-filling high-pressure isolation Switches, mechanical properties tester, insulation tester boots, a dedicated power plant grounding line, machinery Actinomyces frame, Personal security lines, portable short-circuit grounding rods, strong mechanical pressure clamp, grounding wire in the cabinet home and let slip line Vehicles, separate hydraulic clamp, clamp transformer, have杆线folder, folding scaffold Actinomyces, hydraulic opening , And separate row of hydraulic bending machine, busbar bending machine, hydraulic punching, and nut incision, and live loading Unloading clamp, safety belt warning, security Wai flags, lightning arrester, woven jacket soft copper wire, glass fiber reinforced plastic safety Fences, glass steel telescopic fence, large scissors with stainless steel safety barriers, single, double root Yun shot car , Single-lift, overhaul protection switch racks, wire line cards, and to cat drilling, cable stripping tool, cable Actinomycetes trailers, cable cut, and trailer cable set, multi-functional tight line, and anti-theft device, steel line card Line, and closed the fence network, high-pressure needle insulator, insulator fuse fall, the exchange of high-voltage outdoor Isolation switch, earthing ring counters, concrete pole transit vehicles, motor cutter wear, safety helmets, mechanics of To test machine, the rod-shaped pull, take-off and landing platform, lifting iron block, the net sets of connectors, horizontal Actinomyces Frame, mast transit vehicles, telescopic electroscope, intelligent counters, such as security tools. The products sell well in, and exported to Africa, Europe, Russia, South Korea, and workers in key state Supporting the use of the process, won the majority of the user's trust and praise. Company regards product quality as enterprise life The source of production and every aspect of testing and strict quality standards for the implementation of national unity, in With the industry taking the lead through the ISO9002 quality management system certification, and for many years access to provincial and ministerial level " Product quality units have the letter, "the honorary title. Companies always adhere to the "technology-led, quality-oriented, Watson, the customer-friendly" business philosophy, the establishment of A sound sales network and after-sales service system, at any time to provide users with pre-sale, sale, the after-sales service. 24-hour advice Tel :0311-85857152 13603398347 (Shijiazhuang)

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