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Tamio Artcrafts

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Eyeing to be Globally Competitive, A CONCISE HISTORY OF TAMIO ARTCRAFTS Most people are retired at age of 60. It was at that age that Simeon Zalamea chose to begin a business with the family circle and it was incorporated on April 1987. He used to be called PAPANGâ by his family, whereas most of his friends called him TAMIO as his nickname. During that time, with the help of his son, Alex Zalamea had come on board and was designated as the President. The Company, Tamio Artcrafts has blossomed into a major exporter with customers across America, Asia, Middle East and in some parts of Europe. It is purely a family-owned exporter corporation, as concentrated in the marketing and distribution of handicraft products specializing in basketwork, wicker furniture, knockdown bookcases and other Housewares made of different materials such as Buri, Rattan, Wicker, Bamboo, Coco midrib, Brown and Black vines, Brown and Black wood, Tistis, Dayami, Paper mache, Pine cone and a lot more. To complement existing handicraft products in the market, TAMIO does not stop in making new designs where finished products are sampled abroad. This practice in effect puts TAMIO always in the front line in this Filipino ingenuity undertaking. To this day, TAMIO continues to be the major exporter of its various specialized and fine quality finished products in some parts of America, Asia and Europe.

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