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Suzhou Health Plastic Productd Co., Ltd

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The company covers an area of 8000 square meters, 100, 000 square purification plant in 2000, 1000 square meters of office buildings with first-class production lines and purification equipment, advanced technology and reasonable means of detection are available and in 2001 the adoption of quality management system certification.We are specializing in the production of disposable medical equipment, medical supplies, medical polymer products such as plastic productsOEM parts and the processing, die from the manufacturing, research, development, production, assembly, packaging, sterilization, such as aLong article for you. Medical products company primarily engaged in processing plastic injection OEM, mold design and manufacturing business, and so on, the main customers are located in Shanghai, Europe and the United States and other places, injection molding product processing industries have their medical supplies, and other one-time (such as: heparin cap (Heparin cap), three medical Valves (Three-way Stopcock), screw the public, medical plastics processing OEM, medical supplies processing OEM, processing medical equipment OEM, medical device mold).The company has received: ISO9001, ISO13485, CE and so on certification by TUV in Shanghai. Company equipment at home and abroad are well-known high-speed precision injection molding machine fully automatic operation, with more than 10 Taiwan-injection equipment, our technology and equipment to meet all your needs!The company's existing 150 staff, of whom 10 were managers, technicians and 25.Die company is strong in technology development, have engaged in the professional mold, design, production professionals. Professional production of screw-type plastic molds, mold shop employees have more than 20 people, engaged in the production of medical devices die for many years, the production of automatic die die. The Company is renowned for its loyalty to the attitude, efficient service, excel

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