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We are the leading exporter&factory for mobile phone and accessories such as battery, charger, keypad, housing,datacable,LCD in Shenzhen and Hong Kong.Meantime we supply many other electronic products,such as Portable DVD,Car DVD,MP3,MP4,LCD TV,Plasma TV,CD ROM,DVD Writer,Windows XP,Office 2003 software,IP phone,USB Phone,bluetooth earphone,bluetooth USB dongle,etc.HERE IS THE PRICE LIST. Below................ Brand Model Unit PricesMODELS: PRICE:NOKIA N95 ---300USDNOKIA N93 ---US$250USDNOKIA N92 ---US$230NOKIA N90---$US180NOKIA N80---$US170NOKIA N70---$US$140NOKIA 8800--US$150NOKIA 2100-- US$50NOKIA 3210-- US$15NOKIA 3310-- US$20NOKIA 3330-- US$45NOKIA 3410-- US$20NOKIA 3510-- US$30NOKIA 3510i-- US$35NOKIA 3530-- US$60NOKIA 3200--US$45NOKIA 3595--US$50NOKIA 3620--US$55NOKIA 5100-- US$60NOKIA 5210-- US$70NOKIA 5510-- US$70NOKIA 6090-- US$90NOKIA 6100-- US$75NOKIA 6210-- US$80NOKIA 6250-- US$100NOKIA 6510-- US$80NOKIA 6310-- US$100NOKIA 6310i-- US$100NOKIA 6610-- US$80NOKIA 6800-- US$90NOKIA 7110-- US$95NOKIA 7210 Turquoise-- US$95NOKIA 7250-- US$100NOKIA 7650-- US$90NOKIA 8310-- US$55NOKIA 8910 TITANIUM-- US$110SIDEKICK 2----US$120SIDEKICK 3 ---US$200USDSONY ERICSSON W900I ---200USDSONY ERICSSON W800I FOR JUST $180USDSONY ERICSSON P800--US$135SONY ERICSSON T20s-- US$50SONY ERICSSON T28s-- US$50SONY ERICSSON T28 World-- US$60SONY ERICSSON T29s-- US$70SONY ERICSSON T600-- US$70SONY ERICSSON P900--US$155SONY ERICSSON Z100--US$250:00USDSONY ERICSSON P910i--US$190:00USDSONY ERICSSON Z500--$140:00USDMOTOROLA RAZOR V3-- US $150MOTOROLA RAZOR V3X-- US$155MOTOROLA MPX 300-- US$160MOTOROLA MPX 220 ---US$140 MOTOROLA T250--us$20MOTOROLA p7389--us$20MOTOROLA T2288--us$35MOTOROLA Talkabout 191-- US$19MOTOROLA C330-- US$49for mor informations contact thanks and God Bless you all

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