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SIDD Fine Woodworking

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Inspired by many aspects of our world, SIDD Fine Woodworking designs and builds superior, handcrafted furniture and products for modern luxurious living.SIDD is a Canadian company, committed to a strict code of quality assurance and ethical, sustainable practice.Our new wood is FSC Certified and sustainably forested, and is sourced exclusively with local suppliers. Requests for pieces made in reclaimed wood and recycled materials are welcome, and all of our products are designed and built at our studio and workshop in Constance Bay, Ottawa, Canada.We're fed up with the combination of mass industrialization, shockingly poor quality, and lack of responsibility that run rampant in today's marketplace - all in the interest of making a quick, easy buck.Though eating our furniture is not recommended, our small company has chosen to adapt the core principles of the Slow Food Manifesto. Our business and products are accordingly:- good (exceptionally well designed and built with care by hand)- clean (using responsibly sourced and sustainable materials)- fair (ethically run on both human and environmental scales)No Factories. No Sweatshops. No Clones.SIDD pieces are made to order, and each piece is marked and numbered by the person who built it. The unique characteristics of natural wood and a custom, one-off ordering process mean that your piece can truly be one of a kind. You can easily order a basic piece as we've designed it, or you can choose to make it your own with customized materials, configurations, sizing or finishes.While our pieces can be considered art, our position is that form and function must work in synergy. This combination of modern design and meticulous workmanship has enabled us to offer some of the best looking, most durable furniture and products on the market today.

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