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Shyr Chiuann Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.

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1.Business IdeologyEstablished in 1972, Shyr Chiuann Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. has acquired over 32 years experience specializing in the manufacturing of rubber tire production machinery. Each Tire Machine is especially designed according to individual customer requirements. Catering to the clients domestically and internationally, the management adheres to the ideals of 占�od faith, reciprocal benefit and perpetual innovation占�Devoted to research and development of all sorts of machinery and peripheral equipment applicable in the tire making industry, Shyr Chiuann Machinery spares no effort in its mission to distinguish itself and challenge the industry. Over the years, Shyr Chiuann has lent its expertise to large-scale tire manufacturers in Taiwan, developing a knack for improving system regulation of production lines. This valuable experience coupled with the company占�commitment to innovation and advanced technology has resulted in numerous patents both domestic and abroad, the ultimate validation of its technical worthiness.2.Product DiversificationShyr Chiuann Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. couples its thirty-plus years of professional experience with the application-standardized equipment in the research and development of tire manufacturing machines. By producing special purpose machines that are especially designed for individual customer requirements, Shyr Chiuann is satisfying the demands of diverse market.3.Customer AffirmationBesides, supplying Tire Making Machines to the domestic market in Taiwan, Shyr Chiuann Machinery is also sold throughout Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Marketing began in Southeast Asia over ten years ago, and because of reasonable prices, superior performance and thorough service Shyr Chiuann now enjoys an excellent reputation amongst a very wide group of customers.

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