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Shenzhen OrientZion Technology Co., Ltd.

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Shenzhen OrientZion Technology Co.,Ltd is a planning, design, and improved matching process of integrated printing company.
Producing both of traditional and modern class to meet all aspects of customers' preferences, we do traditional paper printing of books, packing, brochures, and banners and so on. The modern exquisite production with high tech touches includes security classes, variable numbers, barcodes and QR code printing. This has given us the upper edge not only to meet the fast changing trends in preferences and demands of the now generation but also creating rooms to serve our yesterday's generation of their preferred choices of products.
1, OrientZion has a very professional team, with many specialists in the printing industry in Shenzhen for more than 10 years. Professionally trained and experienced team, we can help you plan a perfect printing, packing and for security packages.
2, The fashionable and high end design team recruited from the top academic fine art graduates of GuangZhou university ensure your product style n company image exclusively stand out.
3, Most quality assurance of Heidelberg printing machines in the world, you will have your print quality to be the most powerful guarantee paper products.
4, Most sophisticated processing equipment, high production of automated processing equipment, high efficiency, low consumption, effectively reducing cost and increasing efficiency.
5, All kinds of high-grade anti-fake scratch self-adhesive stickers' equipment.
6, Have efficient management operations team (7 departments of the company are responsible for respective posts with all aspects of elite printing), allow your product to consume the least amount of time & money to earn you a higher return on your investment.
Perfect main supporting equipment are: Heidelberg folio four opened, and four colour press, Martini hardcover binding; perfect binding; riding set; Automated book case making machine; big platform folio code printing machine (water-based printing machine, UV code printing machine); Automated pit mounting machine; Automated laminating machine; Automated bonded machine; Automated stick envelope machine; computer single production line; PS version 6 colour, and 8 colour rotary press etc.
Productivity analysis: 4-colour machine Heidelberg, Folio machine, equipped with 4-colour machines, each machine's printing capacity of 200,000 printed; Martini hardcover production lines, can produce 20,000 hardcover books a day; Stitched production capacity is 50,000 copies a day; more than 100,000 a day the whole productivity.
Automated book case making machine's productivity can be up to more than 50,000 a day, gift boxes, double covers boxes can be done fast with high-quality production, revolutionized the artificial production gift boxes varies with product quality.
Big platform code printing machine, each hours 5000 pcs of capacity, which can print on 96*72CM of flat paper with variable number, barcode, two-dimensional code, text and pattern etc., can produce and design tickets, award votes, scratch card, straight mail, opened card, recharge card, exchange coupon, voucher etc. and it can insert security function according to guest needs, such as stealth security, ultraviolet security, thermal variable, humidity sensitive, metal line and discoloration security etc.; UV code printing machine can work in silver card, film, special material for more likely.
The productivity of mounted paper machine, each hours 2000 pcs folio of capacity to guarantee your shipment time; automated bonded and envelope machine each hour 10,000 pcs of capacity let your confidence be full; three computer single production lines can achieve local carbon free, can produce confidential envelope of payroll, delivery documents, carbon free paper products; 2 sets of PS version lines can produce high-end stickers, tickets, and hot sensitive tickets etc. Per day 200,000 pcs of capacity in 24 hours are waiting for you.

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