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Shenzhen JBR Tech Limited

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Full Test of each board
We will offer the video of the testing procedures of the whole boards with the customers' requirement.
1 year warranty/Quality control begin from every unit of electronic components
Comcome group started its business from the industry of electronic components in 2002. And after years engaged in this industry, we have inspection experience and facility to support to achieve our goal to assembly our boards only with original packaged chips. And from 2008, that's why we run our PCB assembly factory to get OEM orders.
Good Price for good quality
Our years of experience in electronic components make us know where can buy components with very good price for genuine original packaged parts instead of paying 30% higher to the agent for their high cost of rents and management.
12-15 days delivery and 5-7 days for samples is feasible
Good courier Due to we often cooperate with DHL/TNT/UPS, we can get very good price for shipping by air.
Please email us your Gerber file and BOM list to get quote within 48 hours.
PCBs + electronic components = complete boards
Our machines can deal with the packages of integrated circuits such as SO, SOP, SOJ, TSOP, TSSOP, QFP, BGA and U-BGA. Additionally, we can provide 0201 chip placement, through-hole components insertion and finished product fabrication.
Electronic components is still a part of our business
We can supply the whole BOM list as a Electronic components supplier. Mainly we supply integrated circuits, diodes, triodes, and modules, and can support capacitors and resistors, connectors, switches, jumpers, LEDs to complete a whole BOM list.
The integrated circuits main brands include ADI, ALTRA, XILINIX,SAMSUNG, HYNIX, FTDI,MICRON, MAXIM/Texas instruments(TI), NXP/PHILIPS,FAIRCHILD, ST, AVX, VISHAY.

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