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Shanghai Benner Automatic Control Technology Co.,Ltd.

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BN series electromagnetic flowmeter is used to measure the liquid whose measurement medium conductivity is more than 5Us/cm and applicable for the measurement of the flow of acid, alkali, saline solution, pulp, slurry and ore slurry etc.  
Flow Scope  
In the scope of 0.3m/s~10m/s, it can realize full-range continuous adjustment.

Power Supply
220V AC�0%, 16—32V DC
Analogue Signal Output

Current Signal
Within 0~10mA and 4~20mA, it can provide corresponding current output signals according to the range provided by customers.  

Pulse Signal
The output of pulse signals can be set within 1~5KHz. The frequency output is the open output of the transistor and collector with photoelectric separation; when conducting, the maximal flow of the collector is 250mA.

Digital Signal Output
Able to choose HART protocol, PROFIBUS bus, RS232C, R485 so as to realize digital communication signal output.

Remote Control
The infrared portable keypad, with all the functions of the remote and non-touch operation converter.

Flow Display
Range Unit
There are six range units available.

Display Mode: The LCD displays instant flow and accumulated flow with high-brightness lattice.  
Reverse Flow: When the test flow is reverse, the function plate will automatically display the reverse flow value.
Zero Flow: When the test flow is reverse or at low speed, the function plate will display on/off output.
The functionalized module with EEPROM data storage function can ensure no data loss in case of outage.
Excellent humanized design concept.

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