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Scinex Group Limited is a professional manufacturer and supplier that is concerned with the design, development and production of laboratory instruments, equipments and consumable products in scientific field. As the lab supply industry has expanded and evolved, SCINEX has remained dedicated to its clients and committed to the highest quality. = What SCINEX Supply??- Water Quality Meters including pH/ORP/ISE Meter, Conductivity/Resitivity/TDS/Salinity Meter, Dissolved Oxygen Meter, Turbidity Meter and Water hardness meter,etc.- Spectrophotometers including Visible Spectrophotometer, UV/Visible Spectrophotometer, Scanning Spectrophotometer, Double Beam Spectrophotometer and Micro-volume Spectrophotometer, etc.- Life Science Instruments including Dry Bath Incubator, Thermo-Shaker Incubator, Orbital Shaker, Sterilizer, Homogenizer and Hybridization System, etc.-Ultrasonic Cleaners including High Frequency and Low Frequency Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaner, Double Frequency Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaner and Power Adjustable Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaner, etc.- Refractometers including Brix Refractometer, Honey Refractometer, Salinity Refractometer, Urine Refractometer, Urea Refractometer, Wine Refractometer and Alcoho (AP) Refractometer, etc.- Centriguges including High Speed Centriguge, Low Speed Centrifuge, Refrigerated Centrifuge, High-capacity Centrifuge, Special Centrifuge, Mini Centrifuge, etcMoreover, except above products, we also supply OEM, ODM and consulting services in scientific field according to your requirements.= Why Choose SCINEX?- Strict Quality Control System- Fast Delivery System- Price Advantages- Trustworthy Partnership

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