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Scent Organic Tea Co.,Ltd

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We , Scent Organic Tea Co.ltd ,specially planting ,processing and sell about 50 metric tons organic dry teas. They are green tea Luan Guapian,with three grades of T1,T2,T3,and black tea Dalon Hongpao with various styles.and tastes of OP,BOP,FOP,CTC,,BP, FBOP, FBP,TGFOP.etc They are organic or organic and rich in selenium.Our advantages as the following1.mountain ground environment, perfect climate and free pollution Our tea garden,surrounded by mountains, 1400meters above sea level, embraced by three large lakes,far away from the industry city and rush traffic , without chemical pollution. The tea garden is in Jinzhai county, as is the original place of Luan Guapian named by Chinese government., with abundant rain and sunlight and mineral in rich of various and healthy trace elements, 2. Experts specially in R&D and Health Care TeaOur R & D team is organized by experts from Anhui Trace Elements Association, Anhui rich- in- selenium Agricultural Science Association .These experts got the latest scientific research results, and developed the biological organic micro compound fertilizer. The soil is improved. The tea leaves grow tender and fat, in reach of trace 28 kinds of trace elements and Vitamin A,B,C,D,E as well as Amino acids needed by the body.3. Our green tea Luan Guapian and black tea Daolong Hongpao are Health Care TeaLuan Guapian , also called ?Melon Seed ,made by single leaf ,its dry leaves look dark green with light Jasmine aroma, the tea soup looks green and bright , it tastes softly sweetOur black tea soup looks yellowish-brown in color, i.e beautiful Amber color, with pure taste Welcome you to our mountain ground tea garden, taste our green tea and black tea and spend a wonderful holiday here.

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