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Sayad Non-alcoholic and Beverage Production Co.

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Sayad Non-Alcoholic beverage production Factory is located at Mahmood raqi, the center of Kapisa, (known as Sayad) a northern province of Afghanistan. This Company was published in 2012, by Samiullah Asadi, and his team with the best facility. The company was published in Sayad, because the place is famous for its fresh, clean, and cool climate. This Factory is equipped with a modern building and latest advanced technology, and the most potential staff with highest level of experience. Possessing all the required production facilities, the Sayad Company is one of the largest production facilities in the beverages industry in the country. The production capacity of Sayad factory is 60,000 to 80,000 bottles per day, but in the near future, beside increasing in the production of the bottled water, Sayad will produce most of the beverages with the best quality, as an example, Sayad plans to produce fruit juice 100% natural from the country?s best fresh fruits. Sayad factory has a well-equipped transportation system and with all of its facilities for production and supply 24 hours is at the service of customers.

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