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Sagist Maximum Clear

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Our company in 1995 to operate in the field of industrial cleaning products was established. Daily production capacity is between 70-80 tons 100 'reputation in a range of products on sale to all institutions and organizations and provides after-sales service. Our main product range with laundry, kitchen group, personal care group, general cleaning group and our product range further development work is done.MAIN PRODUCTS:liquid dish detergentgrime and oil removerchlorine-based disinfectants articlegeneral cleaning with disinfectant productsalcohol-based hand disinfectant articledetergent for stainless steel surfacesoac-based surface disinfectant articledishwasher polisher for hard waterdishwasher detergent for hard waterdishwasher polisherdishwasher polisherdishwasher detergentstain removerlime solvent for dishwasherfruits and vegetablesdisinfectant materialoven and burnt oils cleanserOpening of sink materialalcohol-based surfaces disinfectant articleporcelain in the metal scratches removingdisinfectant liquid hand soapindustry type liquid hand soapprivate nacreous creamy hand cleanerluxury hand soapcreamy shampoofoam hand cleaner antibacterialhand washing liquid soapacid-featured surface filter equipment cleanerpre-foot swimming pool disinfectantsedimentation process brillant and gloss materialalgae inhibitorstrengthening PHLowering PHslowly soluble chlorine stabilizer powder substancedirt and varnish removerheavy dirt and grease cleanerdaily cleaning products for vending machinespolished maintenance materialdust collector materialcrystallized lacquer articlepolymer-based floor polishcleaning and maintenance material for polished surfacesfoam carpet shampooset to foam carpet shampoodry foam carpet washing agentsanitary cleaning productsactive lime and rust solventswooden soap based cleaning productsmineral cleanerjoint cleaning agentfurniture polisher

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