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Reyad India Industries

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Since 1978, we are innovators in wooden hardware manufacturing.Ours is an family owned company under the constitution of partnership. Our specialized units at Peruvayal, in north Malabar, engage in the most modern scientific procedures to produce Rubber timber sizes of high quality by chemical impregnating and kiln-seasoning for furnishings.Technology and products what we use are environmentally sustainable. Research and development in providing an array of quality cost-efficient wood products has been our primary concern since inception.We are specialized in producing rough sawn kiln dried (rskd) for furnishing applications.While in our conversation you were concerned about our rskd products as its not finger jointed edge glued (Fj-Eg) products. Kindly note that as rubber tree is having dead knots, tapping marks and sponge pith, so the width more than five to six inches, length more than four to five foot and thickness more than three to four inches is very tough to saw from the rubber timber logs hence to make more utilization of low girth timbers it's made into 8' x 4' boards and by sawing entire tree logs to small off cuts and then assorted the above characters and nature of the rubber tree and it's figer jointed and edge glued to make any sizes as per the requirement.Please note that small sizes especially for furniture making its recommended to use single rubber timber profiles and which is better than fj-eg boards and beams as these may come apart when it's contacted with any moisture atmospheres as the timber will absorb moisture and it will expand a little.Hope you are convinced.Following are the some facilities availing at our company.1, 1 nos. of 30 horse power Ban saw machine2, 3 nos. of 20 horse power re-saw machine3, 1 nos. of high pressure chemical impregnating cylinders4, 4 nos. of kiln drying/seasoning chambers5, 1 nos. of thickness planners6, 1 nos. of surface plannersOur total capacity of producing rskd (rough sawn kiln dried timber sizes) / four side planned furniture elements in cubic foot is 3000 and in value approximate 35 to 40 lakh rupees.We are having two factories in Calicut district both the factories and it's productions are managed by my two brothers mr. Imran Abdullah and mr. Syed Arfan. Our accounts are managed by another brother mr. Badar Sha and mr Vinod kumar. All these people are very easy in Hindi, English and Malayalam languages hence there will not be communication errors.Also in future we intend to start producing fully knock down furnitures so that we hope that it will be useful to meet your furniture demands. Hence we requests you to give us an opportunity to associate with you and be a part of prestige company like furniturekraft.Hope you are convinced with the above subject and expect your favorable reply ASAP.What is Processed Timber Sizes ?Wood which does not shrink under normal condition due to moisture evaporation, Is called seasoned wood. Generally timber with moisture content less than 15%does not appreciably shrink, it can be called as seasoned timber. It is desirable that in carpentry and joinery work, wood does not shrink after it is joined and furnished. But if unseasoned wood is used it will give out moisture further and shrink after work is done. This will obviously weaken the joints and give clearance between the pieces for a bad finish.When seasoned timber is used, the joint remain intact and no gap develops between the pieces of timber after finishing. Hence for making door and window shutterâs, furniture, interior decoration and such other work where strength and finish matter, the seasoned timber is advisable since use of seasoned timber give longer life and better finish. there is a growing trend to use seasoned timber in wood industries. we are specialized in rubber wood and silver oak wood sizes

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