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Qingdao J&H International Co.

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We own our two factories.One making bar chair and office chair,making chair part with plated chrome steel or stainless steel,similarly chair base,chair support frame, metal parts with all kinds of art patterns.Production capacity can reach 30000 pcs per month and increase if having big order.If you customer have the other chair pattern,chair part pattern,you can email me with discription and photo or drawing,we would answer you ASAP with a quotation and other information.The other making hardwood flooring with a wide variety of hard wood flooring with various types and pecifications:Main types: Koompassia spp, Tetrmerista spp, Myroxyion spp, balsamam spp, Elsideroxylon spp, Tabebuia spp, Hymenaea spp, Manikara spp, Scorodocarpus spp, Intsia spp, Teak spp, Juglans spp, Ekk spp, Ecuis spp, Dipteryx spp, Xylia spp, Dialium spp, Shoree spp. Specifications: *1800/900/910/915/length changeable as per requested * 95/90/91/ width changeable as per requested*18/thickness changeable as requested * 600/630/ length changeable as per requested*110/width changeable as per requested * 18/ thickness changeable as requested Quality qualifications: Quality can reach up to export standard, accredited through EC certification. Production capacity: Capable of 300,000 square meters yearly equivalent to 15 units of 20-foot containers monthly. The said type of wood flooring, specifications and color can be fabricated as per requested. Miscellaneous: We accept orders for varnishing of flooring. Thanks!Anyway,you would be welcome to ask us for something related.Thanks.

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