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Qingdao Ctturbine New Energy Co., Ltd.

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Qingdao Ctturbine New Energy Co., ltd is a New and High Technology Enterprises of Qingdao, China specializing in developing, producing and exporting new type of vertical axis wind turbine with brand CTTURBINE.We do research and develop new wind system products; we already held several patents and have a professional team of designer, engineers with 10 years experience in this field. We also have the strict production management and ISO quality control system. We are engaged in the vertical axis wind turbines, we hope wind energy will be more widely used; to obtain more energy under the lower wind speed conditions than HAWT and easier to suck in wind energy by blades. .The VH-type of vertical axis wind turbine we mainly implemented has a great advantage of starting at very low wind speed. As it is defined to rotate in low speed, our wind turbine will be more secure, quiet and efficient. It can be widely used in farm or placed in the top of the city buildings as the city logo, it can provide free power for the street light; also can be installed in the mountain, the seaside or wasteland for a wind power station, etc.Vertical axis wind turbine is a model among energy-savings, and will play a more important role in various fields than HAWT. We are willing to expand market with anybody who is interested in new energy together, and welcome more people come to know more about our loved VAWT all over the world.

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