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Porolita UAB was founded in 2003. We mould PU-foam rubber of different shapes. It is environmentally friendly, breathable, and won't absorb any foreign odours. Why choose moulded PU-foam?
Contrary to ordinary PU-foam, moulded PU-foam is far more tight and evenly deforms while loaded; it will not change its original shape over time.
Moulded PU-foam has better impact-resistance, therefore your products will be more durable.
Moulding can produce sophisticated shapes. We are able to manufacture various non-standard parts customised to your needs and requests. It speeds up and lowers the costs of manufacture and assembly processes for more complicated products as well as enables the development of more convienient and original articles.
The products of moulded PU-foam can be useful to the manufacturers of soft and office furniture, seats for cars boats and planes, wheelchairs, and other products.
Applying the parts of moulded PU-foam, you will speed up your production process. Your articles will become more attractive, durable, and comfortable.
We hope the products of Porolita UAB will assist you in satisfying your customer needs!

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