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PART PET started its industrial activities in 1997 by inquiring into PET technology .we worked on the designs for the first Blow Molding PET machine until it became operational in 1998.As PET technology was a new phenomenon in Iran and consumers were not much familiar with its advantages , we manufactured and sold only five machines that year .however , as PET gradually became marketable , this number rose to 40 by 2002.We also started producing Pet bottle molds while inquiring into making pre-form molds. In 2001, in collaboration with Gary Group of Armenia, we moved of mold making unit to Armenia. This unit was made operational again in Tehran five years later.In addition to making mold, PART PET represents a number of reputable Chinese companies, and in this connection, we have supplied Blow Molding machines to a large number of leading industries including dairy, soft drinks and chemical plants.PART PET has the monthly capability to produce up to 60 PET and polyethylene mold with varying capacities of 30 CC to 20 L, as well as pre-form mold to 48 cavities and other injection molds. By utilizing Power ship and software, our mold design unit is prepared to design all types of moldHaving participated in numerous exhibition, PART PET has been able to export molds and machines to Iraq, turkey, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

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