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Papelera Nacional S.A.

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PAPELERA NACIONAL S.A. is a paper industry, founded back on April 15th, 1969 in Lima - Peru.IT IS ONE OF THE THREE leading companies IN THE SECTOR in Latin America, due to the fact that it HAS ITS OWN PAPER MILL where major steps and measures ARE CONSTANTLY taken to protect our rainforest and the environment altogether, with the latest top of the line production and conversion technologies. Our papers are MADE WITH FSC CERTIFIED WOOD CHIPS. In addition to that, we are also encouraged to continue using sugar cane bagasse for some of our lines as we originally did. Paramonga is the first Paper Mill in America to use sugar cane bagasse as raw material to produce paper. Our large infrastructure, factory overhead and production capacity, as well as a highly qualified staff of professional and technicians, who altogether account for OVER 150 MILLION WORKING hours of experience in the manufacturing of paper, cartons and carton boards, notebooks, envelopes, and writing pads among some of its main lines of production, ENSURE THE BEST PARTNERSHIP WHEN SEARCHING FOR A COMPLETE RELIABLE OUTSOURCE TO TRUST PRIVATE VENTURES. Photocopy and writing - offset papers, Bristol boards, Kraft papers and cartons, toilet paper, towel paper and napkins (which are made out of 100% recycled material) are some of the outstanding lines of production. The paper mill can produce over 60, 000 metric tons of these materials each year, without compromising the safety and endurance of our planet at all. Additionally, the company has a conversion facility where it can turn over 30, 000 metric tons of paper per year into notebooks and exercise books, writing pads, cut size papers, envelopes, and many more interesting added value items, always in harmony with our natural surroundings and resources. In this sense, the company is designed to become a reliable outsource partner for the needs of many companies throughout the world. We are also specialized in PRIVATE LABELS AND SPECIALTY PRODUCTS THAT REQUIRE TIME, TECHNOLOGY, AND EXPERTISE. It can all be found at Papelera Nacional S.A., commonly known as PANASA. Finally, it�s good to mention that the corporation has recently acquired a complete factory of corrugated boxes to serve our own packing needs as well as the ones of many industries in the region. With this addition, the company has become vertically integrated to the mill�s production section of Kraft liner board.

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