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Pantron Products

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We are manufacturer of Direct To Metal Paints with Organic and Inorganic Corrosion Inhibitors, 2K PU Paints for Industrial and OEM Market.Paint Additives include -Pigment Wetting, Dispersing agentsUniTol 250 counter to Addtol XL250Uni Tol 270 counter to Additol XL 270Uni Omni counter to Duomeen TDOUni 630 -Counter to Tego 630Rheology Modifiers and Anti Sag - Anti Set additiveUni Thix 410 Liquid Urea Solutioncounter to BYK 410 and Crayvallac 250Uni Thix SP Silicone Polyamide New.High Build ThicknerDirect to Metal Organic Corrosion InhibitorsUni Cor - MBT New Liquid MBT DerivativeSuits all Solvent borne PaintsUni Cor Zn Liquid Zinc Benzoate ComplexPrimerless paint maker . Enhances performance of Zn PO4Inorganic Corrosion InhibitorAnti Co BMB - Silica Coated Barium MetaborateAnti Cor - P Anydrous CHPAnti Cor- M/E OxyaminophosphateAuto Care Range includes EG and PDO Engine Coolants , Engine Cleaners, Wind Shield Cleaner, Silicone Wipe Off Polish, Car Interior Disinfectants.Health and Hygiene Care Products - Biomimetic Hand Cleansers, Floor Cleaners, Genitorals.Wound Care Product on Consultancy Basis

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