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Optoacoustics Ltd

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Optoacoustics is a leading designer and manufacturer of optical fiber-based acoustic sensors and sensing solutions worldwide. We provide a broad range of high performance products, targeted to industrial and hazardous areas with the most demanding environmental and safety requirements. Our completely passive optical sensors are ideal for applications which cannot be addressed by conventional solutions. Optoacoustics maintains an outstanding reputation as a long-time supplier of robust, competitive, inherently safe sensors and solutions to government, medical, power generation and other sectors. Optoacoustics�award-winning sensor technology blend the natural intelligence of two disciplines -- optics and acoustics -- to precisely measure sound, acceleration, vibration, pressure and other key physical characteristics in locations where conventional sensors cannot be used.Our MEMS-based fiber optical sensors provide safe, high performance, economical service in the world� most demanding medical and industrial environments.Optoacoustics�portfolio of patented technologies offers the following advantages:�MI/RFI immunity�igh signal quality�xtremely high sensitivity at very low frequencies�igh signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)�ow total harmonic distortion (THD)�ightweight, designed for custom mounting�ong term reliability and stability�o active components �for harsh environments including hazardous and highly explosive areas�ata connection via optical fiber over extended lengths (greater than 1 km) without signal lossOptoacoustics�pioneering technology is protected by over 20 international patents.

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