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Urgent - Official request for complete line on ALKALINE BATTERY [types batteries of Models: LR03 (AAA), LR6 (AA), 6LR61 (9-volt)] with capacity 150-180 pcs/min (ppm). Our Kazakhstan company "World Trade Center Almaty" (WTCA) + "OMK Industries" buys full complete line of equipment for the production of ALKALINE batteries for the following batteries with capacity of Models (would be better, for example, if two types of models alkaline batteries produced on one line): 1) LR03(AAA, 10.5�4.5 mm)=150-180 pcs/min; 2) LR6(AA, 14.5�0.5 mm)=150-180 pcs/min; 3) 6LR61(9-volt, 48.5�6.5�7.5 mm)=150-180 pcs/min). We have to start the calculation for Business-plan of the production of Batteries will be an 8-hour working day (1st shift), but in the future it is possible 16-hour working day (2nd shift), then time will show (tell). You are required to prepare commercial offer: price of equipment (line), technical specifications of equipment, list of equipment, photo equipment, kW, technological scheme and layout of the plant Alkaline battery.We need following types of equipment for our Alkaline Batteries production line (possibly includes the following machines):Alkaline batteries Assembly line:1st pressing of cathode mix ? Cathode tablets inserting into steel can ? 2nd pressing ? Beading of steel can ? Coating of Bitumen (sealant) ? Separator inserting (+Machines for making separator paper rolls) ? Electrolyte injection ? Electrolyte absorption ? Filling of anode gel ? Insertion of anode collector assembly ? Crimping of steel can ? Half finished battery boxing for storage. (Expected process-aging). We also need the machine for the production of Battery shell.otcheg(at)mail(dot)ru

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