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NUSRATI International

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NUSRATI International is the name of the company for internationalexport/import business by the below mentioned, situated in HyderabadIndia, 500024.The company is interested in marketing edible oils superior for human consumption.Technically speaking unsaturated oilsare healthier for heart and body.A known fact is artificial ghee /hydrolised ghee /white solid fats consumed in cooking is notgood for heart.It does not replace Milk ghee/butter but used in cooking.As educative adv. for my promotions I want to market un-saturated oils like olive oil, coconut oil and also corn oil and soybeanoils.These are healthier to palm oils , which are more saturated.SoI specify to market corn oil and soybean oil for cooking purposes.My next product is jute packaging materials from Bangladesh.Forthese products I have suppliers.I welcome immediate business inthese products.Next as a family profession, I am interested in construction businesssparticularly housing of contemporary demands.Thank You for membership and resultant possible business.Shakeel Nusrati, B.Sc;M.B.A

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