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Nokstop Chem Co.,Ltd.

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NOKSTOP CHEM promises to win the trust of all customers using Nokstop products.The damage expense due to corrosion in the manufacturing industry is equal to approximately 5% of our GNP. Also, the worries of the manufacturing industry are increasing because of the additional expenses due to the reinforcement of environment regulations and corrosion removal.NOKSTOP CHEM Co.,Ltd has set their goal of customer satisfaction through volatile corrosion inhibitor products to protect valuable products exposed to corrosive environments from rust. We will also become the country's leading company through constant efforts.We put our efforts in the endless improvement and development of products.NOKSTOP CHEM Co.,Ltd will not be satisfied with the results of the endless effort for product improvement and development to raise the brand image and expand business, and will challenge ourselves to achieve the new level of future corrosion prevention and for better service with our advanced and reformed products and technology.We have acquired the ISO9001 certificate to gain customer satisfaction.We have established a quality satisfaction system by acquiring the ISO9001 certificate to attain customer satisfaction about the Nokstop products of NOKSTOP, and will challenge the global market with our technology and experience to gain the trust of all our customers who use our Nokstop products. Please give us lots of support and guidance.

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