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NINGBO TengYuan Mechanical Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile Ningbo Teng Yuan Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in China's largest deep-water harbor --- Ningbo Beilun Port. Our company specializes in producing all kinds of steel machinery and equipment, our products include: stripping ribbed steel bar straight screw thread connectors, upsetting straight thread connection joints, adjustable, different straight thread connection joints, steel (stripping rib) straight thread rolling machines, upsetting machine and all kinds of concrete for the construction industry, such as embedded pieces of metal machine parts. Production of joint specification from the Φ16mm-Φ40mm. Through the National Center for Construction Engineering Quality Supervision, Inspection and test: test of the tested base metal projects with the GB1499-1998 standard, â…¡, â…¢ grade hot-rolled ribbed steel bar requirements; unidirectional tensile test, high stress and repeated tension and compression tests, repeated large deformation tension and compression tests tested JGJ107-2003 projects are in line with the provisions of "I"-level performance requirements. Produced by HGS-40B-type reinforced straight thread (stripping aid) rolling machine, upsetting machines, with a simple operation, high efficiency work, reaching the domestic advanced level. Production of different specifications, different types of concrete embedded parts, construction of a variety of special hardware machinery parts, with a reliable, easy to use, can effectively reduce the cost of the cost and many other advantages. Our new products: the weldability mechanical connection joints, and it is thermal power construction company, Zhejiang Province jointly developed the latest product, the product is designed for the AP1000 nuclear power module package, currently in use in the world's largest nuclear power plant - AP1000 Sanmen Nuclear Power plant circulating water pump housing projects. Now we are working with the State Nuclear Power Technology cooperation so that our products are further used in high-tech fields - nuclear Road, nuclear and rail Island project. Our business through the national quality management system ISO9001: 2008 certification (certificate number: Q31090226). Our products: widely used in industrial and civil construction, utilities, bridges, tunnels and other concrete structural engineering. Currently used in three nuclear power plants, power plants Zhoushan, Jiaxing Power Plant, Xiangshan Port Bridge, Jia Shao Bridge, Meishan Bridge, Ningbo, eastern outer high-speed, high Ningbo Ring, Hunan, Hunan long high-speed, high-speed Ganzhou, Jiangxi , Shao Zhu high-speed, Hangzhou, subway, elevated in Nanhui, Shanghai, Hangzhou-Ningbo high-speed rail line of more than 70 countries, provinces and cities such as key projects, and has access to international markets, the products are mainly exported to Middle Eastern countries, with reliable product quality and perfect service Security has won the majority of users praise. My company has a high-quality staff, strict enterprise management system, with advanced machinery and equipment and perfect detection system, with strong production capacity. Average annual production of more than 3000 tons of various specifications joints; products, raw materials, we use the national super-sized enterprise - Hangzhou Iron & Steel Works 45 # quality carbon steel, in order to ensure the quality of products, high quality and efficiency for your project and laid a good foundation. We are willing to provide our clients with efficient and effective service, making friends for life. In the future, Teng Yuan will continue to firmly establish the scientific concept of development, and adhere to quality and efficiency of development. And the company's technical force and advanced processing equipment, to provide tailor-made for the construction of various metal workpiece. Teng Yuan Machinery Co., Ltd. Ningbo, all the staff warmly welcome friends to visit our company in cooperation with the vast number of new and old customers work together, common development, create a bright future!

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