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Myungji Pharm. Co., Ltd.

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We are engaged in export of the followings through its international division for foreign business.1. Face lift thread- Plain thread in plain needle- Barbed, spinal thread in plain needle- Plain thread in scalp needle- Barbed, spinal thread in scalp needle2. Cosmetics:1) Red ginseng facial maks and Silk facial mask2) Pure herbal cosmetics3. Micro bubble generator(SPA)Revolutionary and miraculous improvement of skin and body through nanonized water bubbles by providing sufficient oxygen to the skin pores.Effects:1)Rejuvenation and moisturization of skin2)Cure all skin troubles, especially, atopy3)Change the skin to be elastic and lustered4)Reduce body fat4. Oxygen water dispensor(High density oxygen water purifier)to substantially enhance human health. Oxygen supplied by drinking is delivered to cells 10 times faster than by breathingEffects:1)Oxygen purifies waste and carbonic acid in the blood, skin and body and supply of nutritients to each part of body and organs smoothly2)Discharges of body waste through skin respiration enabling to activate skin cells and accelerate blood circulation of the skin3)Enhance brain activities where 20% of oxygin in the body is consumed5. Engineering, designing and installation of clean room facilities for pharmaceutical industry, food industry, hospitals, electronic and semi-conductor industry and other related laboratories through cooperation with the leading Korean professional suppliers of all the facilities and equipments related with clean room.6. Kayak for Racing and FishingWorld best kayak with cheapest price, strongest durable body made of Polyethylene and most flexible accessories1) Single kayak2) Double kayak3) Floating accessories for racing and fishing4) Acceptible for installing power engine

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