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The Company Y Electricals was started in 1978 by Mr. D R Yadav. Mr. Yadav Is in electrical field from past 32 Years and a license holder in electrical field from past 25 years.
Research for the power saver product was going on from past 5 years by Mr. Yadav, after many failuers and tests the product is developed.
Previously Y Electricals was undertaking huge contracts and maintenance works of corporate companies and now it is also manufacturing power savers because there was a need of a product like power saver which saves electricity and MONEY too. Saving electricity bills by illegal means is a crime but saving it through a devices like MONARCH POWER SAVERS without altering any thing in the meter box is 100% legal. All corporate companies was also seeking a device which cutdown their bills by a 100% legal way, This made Mr. Yadav to think on it.
Therefore Mr. Yadav Started thinking about a type of gadget which saves electricity and as well money. He started exprimenting by some micro chips and capacitors which corrects the power factor and stablize the electricity waves. After a long gap of time he got sucess in developing the gadget.
Now Y Electricals is a registered company which manufacture MONARCH ENERGY SAVER.

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