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Modern Precision Plastics & Mould Co., Ltd.

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Modern Precision Plastics&Mould (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd was established in Hongkong.In the year 1996, we moved our factory to Biling Pingshan to enlarge our size in Shenzhen. Currently, we cover an area of 40,000 square meters, and have an investment of 65 Million HKD. We are specialized in designing and making high precise mould, as well as provide high qualified moulding,painting, printing, assembling. (such as telephone, video, copy machine, computer, printing machine,entatainment facilities and so on.)Presently, we provide the following service:1.High precise mould design: full computer control and 3D engineering design. Besides, we have all kinds of functional design software and many expert designers.2.Mould making: ten high precise CNC machines, fifteen EDM machines,four wirecut machines, three 3D measuring machines, and other a hundred and ten facilities for each. We have 200 workers with 3 shifts.3.Plastic injection moulding: we have high precise injection machine 107PCS with drying, robot and ect 708 pcs. We have more than 400 workers with three shifts to produce 210,000 parts daily.4.Printing: we have dust free printing room and 48 all kinds of printing machines, 85 all kinds of delivery ties and drying machines. We have more than 200 workers with three shifts to print 180,000 units daily. 5.Painting: we have strictly controlled dust free room, with 2 robot painting lines and other drying machines. We have around 100 workers with 3 shifts to paint 50,000 units daily.6.Quality control: we have QC and QA management to make sure all material, semi-product, and product high quality. We have around 100 workers with three shifts.�겻빰暎얍�櫻��與▼�竊�런�놂�����у�雅�979亮����腰�릭���. Contact: iris.ku at precision.com.cn Mobile: +86 150 176 25589

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