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Moakon Co., Inc.

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MOAKON Contact Lens has reorganized and restarted business on the basis of the technology and innovative equipment for more than 20 years in a clean apartment-type factory. To provide customers with more precise and safe products, we are producing various products by adopting the computerized manufacturing process and excellent technical skill and materials.We will always make our efforts to develop new materials and products, and to see clearly and to be a best lens company all over the world.MOAKON Contact Lens is aiming at the international market. We persevere in the effort to make the continuous growing Moakon Contact Lens company that can meet all the needs of customers.Thank you.2011. 10. ISO 13485 Certification and CE 1293 Certification 2011. 05. KGMP Certification (GW Daily wear soft contact lens) 2011. 05. The First Export to China2010. 10. Established MOAKON

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