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our manufacturing products in details.mainly we deal in GARLIC, ONION, VEGETABLE D HYDRATION PLANT SETUP. In this plant we can make garlic, onion, vegitable powder, flex, gravenel, powder, clow etc. and its machines *****, DIS TONER, PAL-PAL MACHINE, DECODICATER, GRADER, FLACER MACHINE, DRIER, BIN DRIER, POWDER MACHINE, POWDER SE PRATER MACHINE, WASHING MACHINE.PILLING MACHINE, SLICER MACHINE, DIZING MACHINE. that all are our manufacturing. And recently we have done GARLIC, ONION, VEGETABLE D-HYDRATION PLANT AT SPICES BOARD CHINDWARA (M.P.) ITS A UNIT OF GOVT OF INDIA, AND THAT PLANT IS RUNING SMOOTHLY THEREMAMMU KHANMK ENGINEERINGmobile no.09827446084, 09407127870

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